Baby Sewing!

11:24 pm

Finally I got some sewing done for this poor neglected unborn baby!I should be doing work sewing today,but just couldn't face it,so decided to spend some time baby sewing.
To get myself in the swing of things I started out by running up a few crib sheets,and a pram blanket,then using some cotton interlock raided from a friends stash I set about making a lightweight baby sleeping bag.
I had no pattern and just kinda made it up as I went along,but I think it worked out ok.There are things I'd do differently if I made another.I think maybe the ruffle at the top might be too wide for a newborn (even a 10lber which is what I'm likely to have!),and I'm not completely sold on the snap closure either...maybe elasticated straps would've been better?I didn't want to do ties as I thought that'd be fiddly in the middle of the night!
Thinking about it now,maybe I should've used a drawstring at the bottom instead of sewing it closed...for easy nappy changes?
Next on my baby sewing list are some hooded towels and an heirloom blanket,oh yes and a changing bag,probably lots more too!

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