Been A Busy Bee

9:09 am

I've been very busy lately,and for the first and probably last time,I've actually completed all my Christmas sewing with time to spare...I can't quite believe it myself!!

Firstly there is my secret santa project for someone from the online sewing group I belong to.This is a lovely pattern,Vogue V7862.I really enjoyed putting it together,and hope to make one for myself in the new year.
You can't see from the picture,but there are concealed zipped pockets in the straps for mobile phone,purse etc.
The bag is also more green than it looks.
I added the store bought bag charm as a little detail.

Then,there are the little fleece booties I made for Sid.

Gypsy skirts for my girls.

And finally pjs,and nightgowns,for me and my girls.

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  1. There is my fab bag !!! Still love it, actually it will go with the outfit I am wearing outon Weds - will get it out for then !!


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