7:07 pm

I have just discovered the joys of wool dyeing with kool aid!
It's so simple and smells so fruity!
I bought these wool leggings in a sale,but they were a rather dull pale pink,which I wasn't sure ds2 would appreciate.
I'd love to be able to tell you exactly which colours/flavours I used for each pair,and I did start to make notes,but got caught up in the frenzy of tearing open packets and mixing the powders,so soon forgot!
I'm reasonably happy with my first attempts,but am looking forward to more dyeing,this time hopefully in a more controlled way!

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  1. Wow, Jeanette......they are excellent :)
    I just bought 1100g of aran weight pure wool yarn off eBay and some Koolaid, so I am gonna have a go with it next week. I am quite excited!
    I am going to try splitting it into smaller hanks and handpainting it, so when it knits up it'll be variegated.
    I love your Blog btw...lazy seamstress???? I don't think so....lol
    You make some wonderful stuff, with beautiful fabrics :)
    Take care :)
    Sarah xXx
    (RiMMeR on HBz)


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