5:56 pm

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It's cold, and set to get colder. The light this morning was blue, the sky full of soft whipped cold blue clouds. The sun shone a little, and when that cold golden sunshine kisses my face between the buildings on my walk home, I whisper "hello darling", but I know it's not really her.

They say it might snow.

Don't be shy, say hello!


  1. who says its not her kissing you, if thats what you truly believe - not at all flippant but if you believe in fairies they will exsist.
    and Ernest looks gorgeous in those blues - his eyes shine with a very knowing look

  2. He is beautiful.

    I always "feel" Emma in sunsets, I have since the first really beautiful ones just after she died. A mother's heart seeking connection.

  3. This stopped me in my tracks, Jeanette. So beautiful.
    Florence is beautiful.

  4. Ernest is beautiful and so are you, friend.

    Always remembering Florence x

  5. everytime i see anything beautiful i say 'hello harvey" they are so pure, our babies, that they are all that encompasses beauty xxx

  6. But she was real. You really did hold her in your arms. Nothing can ever change that. xxxxxx

  7. the fact that you whisper "hello darling" makes me SURE that it is her. Think of all the things you pass in your day, but it is that sunshine that compels you to speak to her. I believe that is her way of being with you, and I think it is beautiful.

    I love this pic by the way. Too precious for words.

  8. wow those eyes are blue, he's growing up so fast! xx

  9. I do the same. My neighbours probably think it is a bit odd that I say hello to our little pomegranate tree and kiss its leaves but I'm not really fussed about that.

    Oh little Florence, you are so loved. xxh

  10. J, I do it too, it's ok to do it.

  11. It is really her Jeannette. She is always with you. And Ernest. And your entire family. The sunshine is her way of saying 'Hello'

    Ernest is beautiful.

    Love to you all.

  12. I love this.. and think the thought of feeling them is what keeps me going....


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