Merry Christmas

2:47 pm

Have you missed me?
I have been rather quiet. I've been busy of course, and I had a bit of a health scare that knocked me kinda sideways.
All is ok now, it was thankfully just doctors being uber cautious. I am so grateful for our National Health Service, and especially the Nightingale Genesis Prevention Centre at the University Hospital South Manchester.
I'm now the proud owner of a teeny (3mm) titanium bow in my booby, but apparently that wont ring any alarms at airports.
Christmas is almost upon us, or here already I guess with this being Christmas Eve. I don't really make Christmas gifts any more. This year though I have made two gifts, only one I can actually talk about here for now though, and that's because it didn't quite work out!
Woody and I rarely buy each other Christmas gifts, and certainly not in the past three years. What we really want for Christmas no one can give us.
This year though I thought I would knit him a hat. I decided to use Kat's fab pattern for the North Sea hat. a great easy to follow pattern, and I really loved learning the herringbone pattern.
Unfortunately I shopped for yarn in a hurry, didn't get quite the right yarn, and didn't watch my guage closely enough. This might not have been a problem except Woody has a large head, larger than average.
When the hat was complete I realised it wasn't going to fit him, and I was right. I risked ruining the surprise and asked him to try it on. He couldn't even get it past the top of his head.
The good news though is that it fits Eden beautifully as a more slouchy hat. She asked for a pom pom, I obliged and she is now the owner of rather a smart, and very warm winter hat.




I've also been busy the past few days organising a fundraising trek for a little rag doll friend of mine.
You can read all about that here

And now I need to get off the PC and clean my bathroom, I don't want Father Christmas to see my grubby clothes all over the floor!

Merry Christmas, thinking of all those missing again this year, and wishing peace for all. x

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  1. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Merry Christmas Jeanette :-)

  2. So glad that is everything is ok and I'm sorry that you had such a horrible scare.

    Well - Woody's loss is Eden's gain. It looks beautiful.

    Happy Christmas to you and your family xo

  3. Very happy to hear that your are okay healthwise.
    Knitting for husbands for Christmas is a tough business. I started a scarf last year that didn't get given until this summer, but made up for it by making gloves and a hat this year.

  4. Eep. So glad you're ok. It's the last thing that you need (hugs)


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