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4:48 pm

tania culottes 2

I'm most definately not going to win any prizes for the photos in this post, so apologies in advance. These were taken at 6.30 am this morning, so the light was terrible, I still have tired eyes, but I had to take them before everyone else was up, and before my mindee arrived while I was still nicely ironed, with fresh make up and hair. Trust me, by 9.30 I'd done one school run in the pouring rain with no umbrella and already had bits of Ernest's breakfast down me!

Tania Culottes 5

I used some of the fabric I had left over from my Emery dress to make these culottes yesterday. This time I didn't lengthen the culottes. The model wearing them on Megan's site must have very long legs because the culottes are very short on her which is why I lengthened my first pair. Of course it is possible I just have very short legs....

For some bizarre reason this pair have come up slightly smaller than my first pair. I can't fathom why and can only think that it's to do with a slightly firmer weave of fabric.

I am still unhappy with the hem. I think my proportions between waist and hip are the problem. I don't have particularly big hips in relation to the rest of me, but the culottes pull up at the sides, and at the back. (over my bum, which also isn't particularly big I don't think.) If I make another pair I will have to add length just to the back and to the sides of the front pieces, I think only about 5 cms should do it. It's not really obvious, but I notice it each time I look in the mirror, and find I'm pulling the sides down as I wear them.

tania culottes 6

A great pattern, one I think I will be coming back to in the summer.

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  1. Love the colour combo and kudos to you for being up, dressed and made up by half past six!

    San x


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