A cure for the sads.

5:29 pm

I don't look too happy do I? I spent today making this plaid circle skirt to distract myself from the thought of a dentist appointment at the end of the day, and because yesterday I saw a deeply unflattering photo of myself, so the need for something pretty to cheer me up was very needed.

A simple mid length circle skirt with large patch pockets, high waistband and belt loops. Fabric from Abakhan, thanks to my lovely friend Mary who keeps an eye out for fabric she knows I'll love. I already have a dress in this same fabric, in the yellow colourway, and I love that!

The dentist, by the way was nothing to worry about, the unflattering photo though, well that's another story.....

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  1. That is a super cute skirt...sorry about the unflattering photo....but this skirt is worth smiling about.

    1. Thank you, I let the photo upset me way more than I should have. x

  2. Glad the dentist turned out to be uneventful. I've had too many that were too eventful.
    You look so cute and I love the skirt paired with the tights.

  3. Love the skirt and also the way it looks with the rest of the outfit!

  4. Thank you lovely x

  5. I hate it when those photos pop up! But rest assured that 2D photos can never adequately capture your 3D face, and you don't look like that in real life!


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