A lovely War!

6:52 pm

Last week I was a parent helper on Sid's year 6 school trip to the air raid shelters in Stockport. I have been wanting to help out on this school trip for several years, but always had a small child or two at home to take care of. This year I didn't and jumped with joy at the opportunity to help out. I do love local history, but mostly I just really wanted to dress up!

I had a Butterick 1777 in my pattern stash, and on my trip to Immanuels a few weeks ago I had bought the perfect fabric. The pattern was too small for me, so needed a fair bit of alteration, but otherwise went together easily. I'm not at all convinced it suits me, I'm not really an ideal 1940's shape sadly. I love the 1940's silhouette, but it doesn't love me!

I had rather a dilemma over my hair, my current pixie cut isn't very 1940's at all, I thought I might make a hat, but couldn't quite see how I would get a 40's style to stay on my head, and made this fascinator instead.

I very nearly didn't wear it, it's not particularly authentic, but I did make it from scraps so it fits in the "make do and mend" category at least.

I finished the outfit off with natural tights forgoing natural seamed stockings or gravy browning legs because I didn't want to be worrying about suspender belts and I didn't want to be cold. My plaid jacket from Pepperberry went well, as did my Clarks brogues and my knitting basket.
All together I think I managed a 1940's ish look....except for when I foolishly walked forwards while looking backwards and ended up tripping in my heels on some uneven pavement, crashing to the floor crushing my basket.....although I didn't ladder my tights!

PS, I promise Sid isn't as unhappy as he looks in the first photo. He just doesn't quite understand photos. He had a lovely day!

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  1. You both look great. Hope you had a lovely time K xXx

  2. Glad you both had a good school trip. I would have loved to dress up too. You both very much look the part.

  3. You do look great! The fabric looks very authentic. That must have been quite a fall. Xx

  4. You look fab! I hope you didn't hurt yourself in the fall.

  5. You aced it! Love the fascinator! Xx


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