So here we are.

12:31 pm

Happy New Year!

I only got one little piece of stitching done between Christmas and the New Year, and that was this grey Nora Dress for Eden. I'd cut it out back in September, she'd been waiting so long for it, she had forgotten all about it! I've another cut out at the same time for India that she can't remember either!
I'm not one for making resolutions really, but maybe I should at least make one about making things up as soon as I cut them out...anyone else have a pile of garments cut out, but not yet sewn?

 Actually, I should probably make a second resolution to get my Nora, Nell and Nancy pattern printed. This is a design I worked on last summer, it's been graded for months now, I just have to pluck up the courage to phone the printers...I don't much like making phone calls, especially proper grown up ones!...there's another resolution right there!!

Eeek, I'd better stop there before I make any more!

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  1. Thanks for blogging and sharing. Keep doing it you do it well. Best wishes to you and yours for 2016 K xXx

  2. Love this version! Jen PS Happy New Year!

  3. BTW, I'm really looking forward to sewing up these patterns....!

  4. Happy New Year Jeanette. Love that dress, so stylish. Xx

  5. Yes, get them printed, my mother's sewing fingers are poised!

  6. Yes, get them printed, my mother's sewing fingers are poised!


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