Cats in Paris

3:54 pm

One day last week while feeling rather sorry for myself I nipped in to the local furnishing fabric shop. They have a room full of remnants that I like to browse just in case they have anything interesting.
Before I even made it to the remnants however, I noticed the shop was now stocking some rather lovely printed canvas fabrics, including this Paris scene with little black cats. I couldn't resist and buying just 3 metres cheered me up no end.

The pre wash faded the colours quite a bit more than I expected, but it's still a cute fabric, and I kind of like the faded denim style of the blues and greens. Perfect fabric for another try with my new bodice block. And after a little play with the waist darts I'm much happier than I was in my last post. (Don't worry, that dress has not been thrown out, I'm working on it!)

I'm reluctant to make myself clothes at the moment. I've gained a lot of weight recently, and have finally after several years of various symptoms been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Some of my joint pain has already begun to subside after starting drug treatment, and I'm hopeful that once my ideal dose of thyroxine has been worked out, I will start feeling healthy again, and maybe, fingers crossed find it easier to lose weight.

What do you think of my whimsical necklace that I bought in Shoreditch a few weeks ago? I love it with this dress, looks like she is going for a walk through some Parisien streets.

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  1. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Fantastic fabric (I am a cat lover) and a lovely dress! Glad it worked out for you this time. Cute necklace!

  2. Anonymous5:12 pm

    That is a lovely dress x and do make yourself some new clothes for your current shape because we all deserve nice things - I've often said that I'll make this or that when I've lost weight. Clothes can always be reshaped or remodeled into something else if they no longer fit x

  3. What gorgeous fabric, its made for a lovely dress. Sorry to hear about your thyroid. On the positive side: you qualify for free prescriptions for life! Ask your GP there is a short form and then you are medically exempt.

  4. Lovely dress - such a cute print! Too bad about the thyroid thing, but glad to hear that treatment is making you feel better :-)

  5. You look adorable and I would never have guessed that you've gained weight. A friend of mine had the same issue and it was difficult to be diagnosed. She is doing so much better. So glad you are feeling better...and I too love the necklace.

  6. You look gorgeous! I totally love the fabric, the dress and the necklace :-). I am really pleased that your long standing health issues have not only been given a name but treatment too! I know how hard it is living with a chronic heakth problem.

    Love to you

    San xx

  7. Your dress looks great on you and the necklace goes really well with it. Good luck with feeling better now the doctors know how to treat you.

  8. Fab fabric and it's made a great dress, love it with the necklace. Hopeful the diagnosis will be the start of getting your health better. X


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