My feet ache!

5:46 pm

I've been working at Ministry of Craft today. I love my job teaching classes, even if I do go home with aching feet like I have today.
Ministry of Craft operates mainly out of the basement at Fred Aldous, right in the heart of Manchester's lively Northern Quarter, offering classes in almost every craft you can imagine; embroidery, knitting, screen printing, paper's a very long list!
I teach most of the advanced beginner classes, focusing mainly on pattern cutting and fitting. Today was an Introduction to Bodice Fitting. A class I always enjoy, it's intense and the students always work so hard...there is a lot to fit in to five hours, but we always manage.

I know if I wasn't already teaching at Ministry, then I'd definately want to be taking a class there! I might get to sit down more if I took a class, but I really don't mind the aching feet, I know how lucky I am to be teaching a subject I love to people eager to learn and in great surroundings!Plus of course aching feet equals a shopping opportunity for comfy but cute shoes!

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