Vintage Pin Stripes

1:32 pm

One day last week I decided I hated most of my clothes. I was sick of trying to fit my ever expanding waistline (sad face) into dresses and skirts that refused to co operate. So over half of my wardrobe went in a charity collection bag...well, more than one actually! I have only kept clothes that I really love, and my new sewing resolution is to sew things I really want to wear, and to satisfy my urge to sew random clothes I will sew with someone in mind and spread the joy.

With that in mind, I cut out this dress last week, using my Nora, Nell and Nancy designs, this is Nell...although I sometimes forget that and call her Nora! She is made with vintage wool suiting...a lucky charity shop find . Navy blue pin stripe which you can't really see in the photos. The yoke is cut on the bias and the neckline is bound with self cut binding.

I absolutely love it! Feels great on, isn't too formal, but not too casual either. I really do need to ressurect this pattern and get it published, I know I've been saying that for about 18 months now, but I feel like it just needs a bit more tinkering before it's really ready.

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  1. You look great but feeling it is a different thing. I only make knit skirts as my waistline changes hourly!! Yes you need to share your patterns they are lovely K xXx

  2. This looks great on you! I know what you mean about clothes in the wardrobe...hats off to you for having a clear out.
    I'm sure there would be lots of interest in your dress pattern if you decide to sell it.


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