Pinafore Obsession

12:54 pm

I have been casually searching since sometime last year for the perfect pair of dungarees and the perfect pinafore. The dungarees are for another day, this week I have been concentrating on Pinafores!
I was planning to draft my own pinafore, something vaguely 70's inspired and fitted at the waist, since that might suit my rather ample curves. Then I spotted the Freya dress pattern that came free with a copy of Simply Sewing, and it seemed to fit the brief well, yay! No need to draft my own pattern!
I firstly made it up in some faux suede. I made the largest size, but sadly was a bit snug, though wearable.

I made the next version (first photo above.) in a lovely 40's inspired print. This time I altered the bib to fit better over my bust and I skimped on the seam allowances, but I can't get it on! The faux suede has som stretch in it, which is why I can get that on, the floral one though...not a chance!

I abandoned that pattern, and decided I needed a quick make to cheer me up. I decided to copy a simple little dungaree dress I had bought in Primark last year for the princely sum of £5.
And so, if you have been following me on Instagram ( @lazyseamstress ) you will have seen that so far this week I have made 3 pinafores from my copy of the original denim dress. I also am planning one more........

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  1. I have been following your pinafore "obsession" and I AM waiting for your tutorial / pattern. I already have the fabric !!! Have a nice day.

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