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I have a love / hate relationship with knitting.My Mum taught me the basics when I was a little girl,and in my teens I discovered I could make myself all sorts of "cool" things,like the piano scarf I knitted using a free pattern in a teen magazine (could have been Jackie).It was a scarf based on the old Minors make up advertisment where a disembodied heavily made up head had a piano keyboard twisted around where it's neck should have been...oooh didn't you love the 80's?
I also knitted myself several berets with pom poms and assorted hats to keep my head warm...a mohawk in the winter was not my best ever idea,although it did mean as a 6th former I was no longer allowed to go to school assemblies,or do prefect duty!
Since then I've flirted with knitting occasionally.I've knitted the odd lacy cardy and bootees when I've been pregnant,but still never got the bug.
While pregnant with my last baby I decided to knit a babywearing poncho,a huge task as it turned out.I spent 18 months (on and off) knitting the damn thing,then just as it was long enough to try on,I discovered how utterly horrible it was,and threw it in a cupboard in disgust!
I'm am not going to let this beat me though. There are some beautiful yarns available now,and I've discovered dyeing and felting too...lots of fun,though as yet I haven't made any felted items I actually want to show anybody!
I'm not a natural knitter,but that isn't going to stop me!

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  1. ;-) cute what pattern did you use?

  2. The balaclava was a free pattern I found online,and the soaker is Sams from


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