Mei Tai Instructions

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A couple of people on another forum asked me how I made the toddler MT below.I wrote up these instructions from my notes.They are in no way perfect,but might help someone out.
Just remember if you do follow them,that your baby's safety is your responsibility.

Jeanette’s Toddler Mei Tai

Fabrics etc

Main fabric: 2 metres (outer body, sleep hood and straps)
Lining fabric: 1 metre
Inner (hidden) layer: ½ metre
Shoulder padding: polar fleece or fusible fleece/batting.
Jeans needle (or two) for machine.
Good quality thread.
And if you have one a walking foot makes top stitching much easier.

Cutting Out

All measurements include a 1.5cm seam allowance

Body: 65.5cmx43cm round off top edges

cut 1 of main fabric
cut 1 of lining fabric (or 2 if necessary)
cut 1 of hidden layer (or 2 if necessary)


Shoulder straps cut 2 200cmx30cm
Waist straps cut 2 100cmx30cm

Sleep Hood: 29cmx39cm round off top edge to the same angle as body

Cut 1 of main fabric
Cut 1 (or two) of lining fabric

Ties…cut 2 approx 30cm x6cm

Making up

Shoulder straps:

Using fusible fleece/other padding add shoulder padding to required length, remembering to leave approx 10-15cm of strap to attach to body without padding.
Fold straps in half lengthwise and sew 1.5cm seam, along long edge and one short edge.
Turn right way.
Top stitch.

Waist straps:

Fold in half lengthwise,and sew 1.5cm seam, along long edge and one short edge.
Turn right way
Top stitch.

Sleep hood:

Make ties as straps
Placing main fabric and lining fabric right sides together and pinning ties in place,sew 1.5 cm seam ,along sides and top edge.
Clip curve,trim.
Turn right way

Turn up and press bottom edge in place.

Top stitch.

Sew sleep hood onto main body(and hidden layer) in desired position.


(this is the tricky bit!)

Place main fabric and hidden fabric layer(with sleep hood attatched) flat on a table with right sides facing up.
Position straps in desired place, keeping at least 10-15 cm of strap inside the body of the MT.

Remember to keep waist straps 1.5 cm from bottom edge to allow for seam. (then waist straps will be in line with bottom edge)

Pin and tack in place, keeping all loose strap ends,sleep hood etc inside and away from the seam allowance.

Add lining (2 layers or 1 lining 1 hidden) right sides facing down.

Pin and tack in place.

Sew seam 1.5 cm along sides and top edge.

Trim and clip corners.

Turn and Press.

Turn up bottom raw edges. Press and top stitch.

Top stitch entire body

Reinforce straps by top stitching through all layers on each strap. X boxes or similar are recommended.


Then try it on!

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