Sewing Therapy

1:38 pm

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Sewing to me is often therapy. I can go days without sewing or being creative,but I find I get anxious and jittery if I do. This morning my poor old hubby got the brunt of my bad mood. He phoned from work as usual,just to say hello,but at that precise moment I was scraping pasta sauce off the kitchen floor and not in the best of moods. (could that also be the PMS?). After patiently listening to me rant on about how I wasn't a housewife,no one appreciated me,and what was the point of spending my limited time on earth cleaning all the get the picture?....he calmly said goodbye,and I realised I needed to do something productive.
So, here it is, a dress to skirt recon. I loved this dress when I bought it last year,but I couldn't wear it,it wouldn't fit over my boobs (story of my life!),so it's now a skirt with attatched underskirt and purple lace trim.

Dress to skirt recon

Chop off the top!

Finished skirt

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  1. "it wouldn't fit over my boobs" ...oh to have that problem ;-). The skirt is beautiful, adore the print. Belated birthday wishes too (we are both Roosters, in fact, me, my DH and my Dad are all Taurean Roosters which probably says something rather odd hehe). I thought your camera looked a bit fancy.

    Loving your work, Liz x

  2. Hello Elizabeth! I was racking my brains cos I couldn't think of an Elizabeth I knew, then I realised it was Liz!!


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