New Skirt

4:12 pm

New skirt, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Maternity clothes are pretty hit and miss, I think any woman who has ever been pregnant would agree.
Today I had absolutely nothing to wear. None of my normal clothes fit me,and the two pairs of maternity jeans I've been wearing in rotation were both in the washing machine. I made do with pj's all morning and sat quietly doing my tax return. (booo!)
Then after lunch I remembered this purple cord skirt I'd bought in a charity shop before Xmas. The skirt was waaay to big and too long for me,so using another skirt as a guide I cut it down to size,and added a ribbing yoke. ( I had to borrow India's sewing machine, mine is still minus a needle plate. )
I'm pleased with the result,and may run up a few more like this. I much prefer to wear skirts than jeans.
WARNING! There follows some scary bump shots to show the ribbing yoke in action,don't look if you are eating or squemish in any way!

Over bump

under bump

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  1. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Beautiful skirt for a beautifully pregnant belly!
    I wish I could sew like that...
    All the best,

  2. Wow - lovely baby belly you're sporting now, Jeanette! Love the skirt.

  3. gorgeous! ( skirt & bump!) another big one in there then?!

  4. Beautiful - the skirt and the bump :) How many weeks are you now?

  5. LOL Angi, trying not to grow another biggie,but short of taking up smoking I'm not sure what I can do to prevent it!
    Jenga,I'm 15 weeks,I expect by 20 weeks people will be asking when I'm due, that's what happened last time....

  6. Looks wonderful, clever lady xxxx

  7. It is a great skirt and a beautiful bump pic! (not scary at all!)

  8. I would have loved a skirt like that when pregnant! It never occurred to me to try making my own maternity clothes. You are very clever.
    Bumps are always beautiful ;)


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