DIY wrap for baby

2:36 pm

DIY wrap for baby, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I've actually had some energy today! I hope this continues. I've managed to clean out a chest of drawers and a cupboard,(does anyone know why my husband collects lightbulbs? I found 31, all sizes,shapes and fittings! ). And finally I ran up this quick stretchy wrap with pocket detail . The jersey I used isn't fantastic quality for a wrap, but should be fine for snuggling a newborn in summer.
I have enough to make a couple more as gifts too.
Righto, school run time....

(oh yeah and I'm still waiting for a new needle plate and having to make do with India's sewing machine.)

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  1. I hate to say this, but the next time a light blows and you've nothign to replace it with, you'll find out why he collected lightbulbs ;)

  2. LOL, yeah I know, I guess he's just way more organised than me in that dept. ;0)


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