The waiting game...

10:00 am

39 weeks, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I've avoided posting an endless stream of bump shots throughout this pregnancy, but now at 39 weeks, with no brain power to focus on anything more than the impending arrival, I've finally given in.
I'm gonna miss my bump, but I'm ready now to have a baby in my arms, so come on baby!! ......

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  1. what a lovely bump! I remember getting to that stage were all you want to do is hold and see bambino,
    it ill come....eventually!!


  2. Yep, I can remember that stage too and wanting so much to meet the baby!

  3. aw lovely bump but yeah hurry up baby! xx

  4. ooh you look beautiful!!! I love bump shots!

  5. I'm sending positive vibes from over here. You look amazing.

  6. Thinking of you Jeanette! Was wondering if your baby would share my (11th) or Oriana's (12th) birthday...but still waiting for news! I am very excited....
    Hope the journey Earthside is a good one for baby and that you have a good trip too. lots of love XXX

  7. good luck with it all... its so frustratin at the end... i just remeber thinking I just want to meet you little baby- please come out!!!!

  8. omg, what a bump, am very envious!! thanks for your lovely comment about our boy, we are sooooo upset,but really appreciate everyones comments, thankyou xxx and let us know as soon as you pop


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