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It feels like I've been waiting for July for so long,catching up with my shadows. It's not an easy month, but I'm glad of it. Sometimes I want it to always be July.

Sid had a birthday. He's six, unyet all day I kept thinking he was four, but of course knowing he was actually six.

Ernest will be one on Saturday, and my brother is getting married the same day.
I've finished my dress,(no completed piccies yet) but Ernest's outfit is still in pieces, and I have to try and squeeze around the boxes containing our new kitchen to sew it up before the weekend!

So, I'm here, squeezing past boxes, and getting on, and meeting with ghosts, but mostly trying hard to keep a lid on everything, and I think I'm doing ok.

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  1. Much love for the coming days; thinking of you, as always and your beautiful Florence.

  2. Merry has said all that I wanted to

  3. ghosts here too honey, I feel it. July and August are painful. Somehow this time of year even hurts me, the bright sun, the good weather, it all reminds me of the beautiful day he died. Thinking of Florence, and you.

  4. thinking of you hon xx

  5. Been thinking of you, most especially today for some reason. Can understand why sometimes the clock stops for you, especially at this time of the year.

    Hope all goes well for the weekend and Ernest's gorgeous toothy grin is just pure joy.

    Love San xx

  6. I've been lighting my candle for you and Florence. I know the days leading up to their birthdays can be so precious and so hard - wishing you gentle days.

  7. Thinking of you and your family, especially your dear Florence, this July xo

  8. Much much love for the days ahead.. I will be thinking of Florence.
    Sid is precious.. my eldest son recently turned six.. and this week the 'baby' turns three.. though I keep telling him he is still only two. They grow so fast.....

  9. Have been thinking of you this month more than usual. A month of birthdays for my family too. But such highs and lows for you all. Will be thinking of you and Florence especially on the 22nd. xxx And Ernest has toothes!!!

  10. Hope Ernest has a wonderful birthday and you enjoy the wedding.
    Will be thinking of you and lighting a candle for Florence next week.

  11. Thinking of you and sweet Florence so much. I think I sometimes wish it was always August. And I can relate to you thinking Sid was four. It was like time really stood still for us.
    Happy birthday to dear Ernest as well. He's so gorgeous.

  12. Hoping all goes well today. Thinking of you.


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