Shower Caps

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I've been meaning to make myself a shower cap for ages, just haven't found the time, something in very short supply around here right now.
Two of my lovely friends had birthdays this week though, and both have just had new bathrooms fitted, so they both had the dubious pleasure of being the first victims of my shower cap attempts.

I did throw in a little zippered pouch each and a jar of vanilla sugar scrub too.

Shower cap and little zippered pouch

lovely lining

I used the fab, super quick and easy tutorial for the pouch from the lovely Snug Bug.

I will make myself a shower cap too, and maybe share a tutorial here.

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  1. Fantastic gifts! OH please do a tutorial, I have been looking for a shower cap to fit over my dreads with no joy...have already picked the fabric!!

  2. Oh yes please on the shower cap pattern.. your friends will love them! :)x

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  5. These are so cute, I would wear one for sure. I have just seen a recipe for bath bombs , I can send it to you if you like, that would make a good gift addition too.

  6. First off, love your blog. I don't comment much but I'm reading.

    Secondly, I'm a fellow BLM. I loved your spoken words post, you had me crying. In a good way!? All of your family is beautiful.

    Thirdly, I too exclusively pumped (for two). I was disappointed but figured getting my milk was the most important thing. I hope that you are at peace with how things have transpired.

    Fourthly, I'd love to pretend that I'm crafty but I'm not. However, I live vicariously through you and other creative folks. A few questions about the bag.

    1. I don't have a zipper foot (I have a 1945 Singer). Is it necessary?
    2. If so, what is it's purpose?
    3. If I need one, what does zipper foot is zipper-needle-foot (as opposed to zipper-foot-needle mean?
    (I got all of this from her very informative tutorial. I would have asked her but I can't find her email address, I'm not too technically savvy).

    Love the shower cap!

  7. So gorgeous. And a beautiful gift as well. I want to be your friend!

  8. love, love, love the caps (where did you get the top fabric it's gorgeous!) Ahhhh time when will there be enough? xx

  9. I can only dream of being that stylish in the shower! I love them.

  10. Hi... Where can I find the pattern????


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