A jar full of dandelions

4:58 pm

It's been a rough few days. I've found my words and those of others stolen and twisted to suit the agenda of a vile, hateful and hate filled website.
I'm disgusted to think there are those out there on the web who will take my perfect beautiful little girl, and the sons and daughters of other grieving parents and use them for their own cause. That those same people seem to think that we put an "experience" above the lives of our children.
I can't change that twisted thinking, and I'm not strong enough to try....maybe that's why I, and others like me are the targets of such venom, we are easy prey.

It's been an ugly few days, but this jar of dandelions brought to me by my lovely (and grubby) Sid wipes out all that ugliness. There is love here, and light, we are brim full, it's so much better than hate.

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  1. I am so very sad to hear what has happened. How utterly awful.

    What a perfect idea from Sid - a jar of Dandelions is like a jar full of love and hope xxxx

  2. I'm not sure what happened but I just wanted to offer my support to you. Take good care

  3. I'm sorry for the disappointment and frustration lately. Those are lovely dandelions - quite big ones compared to most that we get here!! Sending love.

  4. Haha wee Sid (or big Sid these days lol). I cut some lilacs to sit by Ellie's things and Oscar brought me a fist of dandelions to go with them. No prejudice or preconceptions where children are concerned. poignant.

  5. A hug to you and to the other parents that were victim of such horrible thing. Just for you to know that the experience of loosing your precious daughter that you have shared a little bit on these pages has brought into the world first of all an example of so much love and courage and strength... I have always felt so humble in face of all this. So if I we just could pretend please take a jar of solidarity and support in the form of some beautiful flowers.

  6. And how.

    We are bigger than her J and we always will be. It doesn't matter what she or they think or write or do.

    Florence and Freddie were our loved precious babies and we wanted them very much. Anyone can see we are loving parents from our other children.

    If there is a great hereafter, I am quite confident we will not be on the same side of its dividing fence. And I'm quite confident I won't need to pack my flame proof Wellies.

  7. We as in you and me will be on one side and her on another. Lol. Oops.

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  9. I'm sorry about what has happened, it's awful really. Sending you support and love. xx

  10. Just wanted to send hugs to you for the rough days.

  11. oh Jeanette what a cruel and hateful thing to do to you. There will always be mean and twisted people out there but most people are not like that. Most people have been touched by your words about Florence and you sharing her brief life with us. Most of us walk that journey with you as best we can. It is not a stick to beat you with - blimey you've been through enough ((((hugs))))

  12. So sorry you and Florence found yourselves in this awful mess.


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