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This week I dusted off the box of painting supplies. I though Ernest and my little mindee might enjoy a little messy play.
They both did!
Ernest painting

India and Eden always loved to paint, Angus and Sid were never interested, and so our box of paints had been abandoned for some time. I was quite surprised to recognise so many brushes and aprons that must be 16 years old.
Dressing Ernest in the yellow apron reminded me of this photo of Eden, at about the same age, showing off her mornings work.
Eden painting 2001?

I love the way small children enjoy the process of creating with paint,revelling in the delight of brush, or sponge or finger gliding (or sploshing!) paint onto the paper.
Something that's often lost far too early, and something I think adults should all have a go at.

The other thing I love about painting with toddlers is that cleaning up is usually fun too, especialy if it involves a sink full of bubbly water.
This photo is of India, also about the same age as Ernest is now, washing her paint pots at the kitchen sink, with a little visitor looking on.
India painting 1997?

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  1. I am amazed at the flood of memories that hit me when I see my littlest in a painting apron or dressing gown handed down from the top of the family .....not many clothes have survived but the painting aprons are going strong. Happy moments x

  2. You are very clever. You make such beautiful babies.

  3. Oh, I just love that photo of cleaning up with the cat looking through the window!

  4. What lovely photographs! My youngest isn't that fussed by painting but my eldest son and two daughters loved it. I love how the apron has passed down too :)

  5. Not only do you still have the apron, but it is not in tatters - and you still know where it is!

    At my house, you'd have to rent a bulldozer to force a little light through all the boxes in the garage, in vain hope of locating any aprons.

    Love the kitty in the window - and the kids even more.

    Cathy in Missouri

  6. Oh Jeanette, how cute they are and I agree, we should all do finger/hand/body painting regardless of age. At look at India's little squeezey cheeks lol.
    Your parcel came a little while ago and I was coming on to say thank you so much. It is so soft and lovely and we have the candle lit beside Ellie's flowers and ashes. Nuff said.

  7. We LOVE getting the paints out here too - no nice aprons here. My toddlers have seemed to prefer au naturel painting!!! Well - they wipe down easily enough (and a mummy and baby bubble bath is always fun too!) I love the links and the memories. How special.

  8. I love the comparison do make beautiful babes. I made some finger paints the other day, and Simon had fun with that. I love seeing what you come up with for Ernest. You are lovely.


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