October 30th and 31st Capturing Grief

9:56 am

October 30th Tell The World, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Catching up. I've been in Cornwall for the final part of this project. I took my photos as usual, but technical difficulties and an unreliable internet connection meant I could only use my phone to take photos and then upload them while out and about....Tesco's carpark had a good signal!
I'm home now, and although I did post my phone pics, I'm going to finish off this project by posting the photos from my camera.

Tell The World.
Forever sums it up really. Florence is gone forever, she will be missed forever, she is loved forever, and I am forever changed , forever.


October 31st Sunset

This was hard. Wednesday was grey, grey grey. The sky was just clouds. Eden and I wandered about the holiday park we were staying in, hoping to find an interesting view at least.It was pouring with rain, and cold. We trudged across frields, through soggy leaves, and suddenly it was almost dark. The streetlamp had to stand in for the lack of a sun.

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