October 29th Capturing Grief

6:28 am

I have written before about the songs that link in my mind to Florence. There are several that can stop me in my tracks, Take That's, Rule The World, Snow Patrol's Run, Cat Stevens How Can I Tell You.
This track though was the one I played over and over during the Summer of 2009, it seemed to fit so well with my feelings then of being worthless, dead inside, lost and ashamed.When I listen to it now those feelings can still surface. I think they've changed now, or at least softened, but the song is still powerful and can bring me to my knees.
Woody doesn't like this version, he prefers it without the shouty vocals, but I like them, I like the intensity and desperation.

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  1. Rule The World stops me in my tracks too. For all our little girls.

    Leona Lewis's cover of Run was playing on the radio on my drive to work this morning and I thought of you and Florence.

    This Evanescence song is so heartbreaking to listen to. A friend of my sister's died from a chronic condition in his late teens and requested this to be played at his funeral. There is something very desperate about this song and it is the title that always just . . . hurts me. I wish we could. Bring them back xo


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