Lisette Traveller Dress (Simplicity K2246)

4:23 pm

Lisette Traveller Dress view C, originally uploaded by indiaeden.
I'm calling this my "Sunday-Monday" dress, because I sewed it up on Sunday to wear on Monday (today), and ignored all other chores in the process!

I made this up in a lovely printed cotton I bought in Leons Chorlton last weekend.
I'm pretty happy with it. Honestly I should have made more of an effort and adjusted the front to accomodate my bust better, but there is a reason this blog is named "Lazy Seamstress". I thought I might get away with it, and I spose I have but only just...the buttons and buttonholes are right on the edge of the placket, silly lazy me. I never learn, this kind of mistake will really bother me, unyet I knew it would probably be an issue even before I started cutting out.

On the whole though, a lovely pattern, nice to sew up, and a lovely flattering easy summer dress.

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  1. It looks great!

  2. Love it and yay to you for ignoring the chores!!

    San x

  3. Gorgeous! Really nice pattern. It's funny, when I scroll through Pinterest, I know before I see the 'pinner' which pins are from you. Most times when I think 'oh that's a nice dress/shirt/skirt', they're pins from you!

  4. Love your dress! I've been thinking about making myself a summer dress and I think you might have given me the push I needed!


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