A new frock, Butterick B5209

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Jaycotts had a sale on Butterick patterns a week or so ago and I treated myself to a couple of the retro styles, this and B5813.
I wanted to make myself a dress in this gorgeous floral print polyester I'd bought at this years Sewing for Pleasure.
I managed to cut this out during the week with minimal help from Ernest (!), and stitched it up on Saturday...trying to sew with Ernest pressing buttons on the sewing machine or crawling under my desk to add some extra pressure to the foot was tricky, so I took lots of breaks.


I was really annoyed with myself, because actually I cut out a size too small. I still haven't yet got used to the size I am now, post breastfeeding and weight loss, that combined with just not reading the size chart properly, and I got in a silly muddle.
A bit of jiggling about and scant seam allowances here and there, plus lots of trying on and I've just about got away with it.
Skimping on seam allowances though is not to be recommended, it throws out the whole design, and sewing a zip into a tiny 5mm seam allowance is really not to be recommended at all!
Ideally I'd have re cut the bodice pieces and had fewer gathers in the skirt pieces, but I'd run out of fabric and had to make do.
I'm still cross with myself, but i can cheer myself up with the fact that my hair matches the dress..at least for a while anyway.


I wore my dress today to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and even got a compliment from the lady in the gift shop, which was lovely.
Here I am being all 1950's housewife at our picnic. (Woody made the quiche of course.)


I really do love this dress, despite the mistakes and the fact that it's a tad tight. I think I'll probably use this pattern again, it's really easy, and a lovely flattering style. Next time I'll just cut out the right size!

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  1. You are seriously one of the coolest people, with one of the coolest families I know. Great job with this...love it.

  2. It looks lovely (and who needs to eat or bend in the middle?)

  3. Love the dress and the hair!

  4. Saw this one on your Pinterest, what a great pattern. I think it looks lovely on you - the photo in the park made me laugh...

  5. Totally gorgeous!!!



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