End of Summer

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Today is the last day when everyone is off school or college. India goes back to college tomorrow, Eden goes back to high school, Angus starts high school, and Sid goes back to primary school on Tuesday. I start childminding again on Tuesday and Ernest starts playgroup on Friday!
It's a busy week. In another universe it might be busier still. I'm not really certain how I feel about this being the week Florence would have started school had she survived.


This morning we had a wander around the gardens at Tatton Park. I love the gardens there, especially the kitchen garden. The children all enjoy the maze. Though today only four of them were with us. India is off doing her own thing much more these days, something I should probably get used to.
There is a definite autumnal feel in the air already, and thoughts turn to Autumn sewing. I'm kicking off this Autumn by joining in the Fall For Cotton sewing challenge.

The idea is to sew something vintage with 100% cotton fabric, even the lining has to be cotton. I actually really like sewing with cotton. The last dress I made is 100% cotton with a 100% cotton lined bodice, so this challenge is right up my street.

Fall For Cotton

I'm using this pattern I bought recently from Stockport Vintage Village. It looks early 1960's to me, but if anyone knows better, please do let me know in the comments.
I'm currently debating which of the two fabrics in the photo to use.
The grey fabric is a 100% cotton I bought from a local quilting shop. I initially planned an Elisalex dress in it, but I think it might work well for this pattern.
Also pictured is a red/rust coloured cotton I found in a local charity shop. I've done a burn test and it's 100% cotton. I paid only a few £'s for this fabric, and there is lots of it, although it's very narrow. Honestly I'm not crazy about it, but I think it's one of those fabrics that looks better sewn up, and I think it will suit this style of dress, maybe with some nice trim? (Wonder now if non cotton trim is allowed?)
I think maybe I could make a wearable toile/muslin with the red vintage fabric, and use the grey for the final dress, but regular readers will know I have reservations about wearable toiles/muslins already.
Decisions, decisions.....

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  1. Best of luck with your challenge, it looks to be a lovely design. I would have guessed the pattern to be late 50's.

    It's hard to believe that Florence would have started the same time as Pip, she would have definitely been one of the babies in the class. Pip actually has a place reserved at school but we have deferred until January as I'm road testing teaching both of them at home.

    Holding you in thoughts and prayers this forthcoming week.

    Love San xx

  2. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Good luck with the challenge! I love your pattern, especially the pockets.

  3. Anonymous7:18 am

    mmm... the skirt says late 50s but the hair says 60s to me! Either way its a lovely pattern and I love the fabric you have earmarked. I think that red print will be perfect for the job.


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