Autumn in the Shed

3:36 pm

shed collage, originally uploaded by Lazy Seamstress.

Autumn has been stunning this year, and until quite recently really quite warm. I was still working out in my shed, (I really should start calling it my studio, but can't quite bring myself to do it.) without the need for any heating until just a couple of weeks ago, I'd put off insulating too, and then it got very cold.
Last weekend I spent all day Sunday cutting and slotting polystyrene insulating boards into the spaces between each wooden baton on the shed walls and roof. I also laid some left over floor insulation Woody found in the cellar, under my rug.
There was a noticeable improvement immediately.
During the week I managed (despite the household being struck down by various wintery bugs) to run up a curtain for the shed door, using some curtain lining and a vintage tablecloth bought in the local charity shop.

autumn shed 2

Today, I went out to the shed armed with PVA, a big brush and a pile of botanical prints I'd torn from old diaries, and had been saving for several years, and decorated one wall of the shed. The wall I face when sat at my sewing machine. I know these prints will inspire me as I work.

autumn shed

I'm still left with three rather boring white polystyrene walls, but I have a plan for at least one of them.
I think the ceiling will stay white polystyrene, at least for now, but I might search out a carpet remnant for the floor. The insulation on the floor and the rug are ok, but my shoes off policy in the shed means I could do with something warmer underfoot, and possibly some shed slippers...I've been dropping hints considering the big fat man is due next month!

I'm also dreaming of installing a little pot bellied stove. I use an electric heater at the moment, but I'm concerned about the cost. I'm going to have to save up for a stove though, and I'm probably pushing my luck expecting the fat man to bring me one of those.

After decorating this morning I've spent a lovely cosy day tucked away in my shed, catching up with a bit of dull, and rather lazy sewing. A pair of lounge pants and matching head scarf , and a new skirt.


I have a few things I've worked on recently that I haven't yet blogged, down to those pesky winter bugs again. Hopefully I'll get a chance this week to photograph everything and share them with you soon.

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  1. If those prints don't inspire you nothing will!! Gorgeous Reno I love your dat man requests, here's hoping you get one of the items from your wish list!

    San xx

  2. Oops typo on phone ... Fat man!

    1. I think I might get the slippers, the stove will be saved up for I expect. x

  3. Love that wall, you've been so industrious.


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