Play Time

1:58 pm

A couple of weeks ago Merry asked me if Ernest and my mindee would like to test out these MagnaMobiles toys. We leapt at the chance!
Both boys were so excited when the box arrived from Play Merrily, and were thrilled to find inside the MagnaMobiles Fire Engine and Concrete Mixer.

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The concrete mixer especially was much admired. The boys didn't take long to discover the vehicles came apart and they happily switched parts between vehicles, making two different vehicles.
We've had these here for just over a week now, and the boys keep going back to them to play. I've even spotted Sid having a sneaky play when he thought no one was watching.
The toys are beautifully constructed, tactile and easy for small hands to pull apart and fix back together again.
Ernest has even taken parts from the vehicles and used them in other areas of imaginative play...the mixer section for example became a "magic machine" for one of Ernest's imaginery friends.
I can see us adding more of these to our toy cupboard.

Disclaimer: We received both of these vehicles free of charge for review.

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  1. Ernest is so big, sometimes I look at Vivi and cant believe she is three years old (though still the youngest in her perschool class). As another christmas approaches without their siblings and I was just thinking of you and Florence, wanted to let you know she is frequently on my mind. Much love to you and your fantastic children. Xoxoxo


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