Another Emery Dress

8:10 am

emery dress 2

I do love this pattern! This is my third Emery dress, and I don't think for one minute it will be my last. I cut this out several weeks ago, but too busy with other projects and commissions I only got the chance to stitch it up on Saturday. I spent a lovely day in my shed listening to the rain on the roof and stitching away.

emery dress 3

Honestly, I'm a little disappointed with my lack of pattern matching, actually it's pretty good on one side, but off on the other. My own fault for cutting out a very slippy light cotton lawn in two layers, I really should have cut it out singly to be sure. I can live with it though.
The fabric is from Abakhan in Manchester. I am very lucky to have my friend Mary working there, she knows my tastes and if she sees something she thinks I will like she gives me a shout. She got this one spot on! Thank you Mary!

emery dress 4

PS: yes my roots need doing, job for later today!!

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  1. Pretty dress! And lucky you having a friend working in Abakhan ;)

  2. Lovely dress. I made a dress too last week! That and two a line lined skirts and a simple shift dress!

    So happy sewing!


  3. Well done Mary, a very nice fabric indeed. You look gorgeous and no one would notice your roots except you lol xxx

  4. I was right, it does suit you! I love being able to pick out fabrics for other people! :)

  5. Anonymous8:59 pm

    What a lovely Emery, the fabric is fabulous, really love the colour!

  6. What a lovely dress! Great fabric choice!


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