Anemone Skirt in Linen

4:13 pm

Anemone skirt

This was very much a last minute skirt. I was tidying up my shed, and there was a small piece of teal linen left over from my last upcycled dress. Just enough for a skirt, and I have been promising myself to make more seperates, and more solid coloured garments, so I put the piece of linen to one side to think about.
I had, last weekend made a start on another tablecloth upcycled Anemone, (more on that later!) this time minus the peplum, and it ocurred to me that the linen would make a lovely Anemone, especially with belt loops.

Anemone skirt in teal linen

I'm really very pleased with the results. I love the way this skirt goes together so easily. Of course I couldn't quite make something entirely in a solid colour, I had to use a pattern lining.

Anemone 3

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  1. Your skirt looks great.

  2. Anonymous11:28 am

    I think this is the nicest version of this skirt I have seen - wasn't too impressed with the pattern originally, but it's really flattering on you. Nice!

    1. I love this pattern, it is really versatile too, can be smart, elegant, fun, casual. Really love it!

  3. That is a lovely colour and the shape looks great on you too. I do like the floral peek inside


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