Starting on the Autumn Stitching

4:52 pm

wrap circle skirt

There has been little time for sewing lately. There was the decorating, children going back to school and Ernest starting school, and then this weekend we deposited India at University! The day is one we'll never forget, I'm sure her first day at University would've been memorable enough, but about 10 miles away from Nottingham, our car started to do some very odd things, the dashboard was lighting up with various warnings, and we practically limped the last 5 miles to the campus car park!
Thank heavens for the RAC, who turned up quickly, but couldn't fix the car, so we had to come home in a tow truck with our poor car towed behind. A very bumpy ride home!
All the chaos meant we didn't get the time to thoroughly settle India into her new halls; instead it was a case of hastily unpacking as much as possible before the tow truck arrived.

2014-09-20 15.18.53

India has begun to settle in to her new home, and make friends, it's very quiet here without her, but we are so proud of her and happy for her to be doing the course she really wanted to do, at her first choice of University. She is doing Primary Education at Nottingham Trent.

Yesterday, I finally had some time in my shed to sew! The weather has been lovely lately, but yesterday felt colder than it has in a long while, turning my thoughts to my Autumn wardrobe. I bought this lovely printed viscose a few months ago, with intentions to make a summer dress, but I think the colours transfer nicely into Autumn, with the mustard and grey mixed in with the brighter blues and pinks.

2014-09-22 17.27.54-1

I decided to make a skirt, I wanted something full and floaty, but something a bit more than a full circle skirt. So I cut out three full circle skirt pieces and made a simple wrap skirt . The viscose is horrible to sew with, and the waist stretched out lots, which worked out ok really, because the skirt wraps around me once and a half, giving lots of fullness and floatyness.
The tie belt has no interfacing and is very long, so it wraps twice around my waist and ties in a lovely big floppy bow.
A very girly skirt. Today I'm wearing it with a t shirt and leggings, but I think it will work just as well with tights,boots and a sweater once the weather cools more.
A quick and mostly satisfying make to take me into Autumn.

2014-09-22 17.27.46-1

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  1. Yay - well done India! Wishing her a very happy university career...

    [I am a university lecturer and first year co-ordinator, so I see it all from the other side! This year I have 35 new chicks to look after...]

    Love the skirt :-)

    1. Thank you. She has loved her first week, is a little homesick, and I miss her so much, but am equally so proud of her. x

  2. Anonymous9:07 pm

    How wonderful for India! (I still cannot believe that you have a university aged child!) Love your new skirt - so pretty!

    1. Ha Ha Sarah, you are not the first to say that to me lately, thank you. I will take all the compliments I can get!

  3. Lovely skirt, I've never made a wrap skirt! What a shame about the car, if you are anything like me the day would already have been emotional enough! Hope India has a wonderful, successful time.

    1. Thank you Mags, the car is now fixed, it wasn't a huge fix, just something that was too tricky roadside. It certainly did make an already emotional day very stressful. x


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