All Change!

5:58 pm

india's new room 5

With India away at University, She and Eden have swapped bedrooms. Actually the day India got her A level results Eden was in her (much bigger) room measuring up, had made a detailed floor plan and started a Pinterest board of new room ideas!
Eden moved into India's old room a couple of weeks ago and I was left the task of decorating Eden's old room; India's new room in time for her coming home this coming weekend.
Of course, as is usual the budget was non existent, in fact I spent only £12.50 on a new mattress topper, and £14 on a new rug which hasn't arrived yet. Everything else was shopped for from around the house.

India's new room 9

The bed is the very first bed we bought for India when she was a toddler, I've simply painted it with a half pot of cream emulsion left over from other projects. Three thick layers, that should knock about and get more interesting as time goes on...lazy shabby chic!

The duvet and pillow case is made from vintage sheets I had in my fabric stash, the welsh woollen blanket is a hand me down from Grandma Margaret, and the cushions are from India's old room.
Oh yes and the walls are painted with two different shades of grey paint left over from other projects, I just mixed them together, luckily there was just enough.

India's new room 2

The cross stitch was a 1st Birthday present from Aunty Clare.

India's new room

Curtains are made from a piece of heavyish cotton I'd been saving for a dress, the loom blanket box is a hand me down from Grandma Alyson, I repainted it with the same paint as the bed and used some vintage fabric from my stash to recover the top. The light shade has also been recovered with some lovely blue vintage fabric that was a gift from a friend, Caroline.

The mirror is from India's old room, the hoops are from my habby drawers and the fabric from my vintage scrap box. I will have to buy a few more hoops to complete this wall, I have plenty of scraps left to fill them though.

India's new room 13

There is also a large fabric covered noticeboard that I made for India a while ago. I've hung a few of India's trinkets on that already.

India's new room 3

I sent India these photos this morning and she said she loved it! I'm so glad. Thanks to Pinterest and our shared ideas board we managed to communicate at a distance, and I think it will be even better when India comes home and adds her personal touches.

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  1. Lovely, just lovely!!

    1. Thank you Nicky, praise indeed coming from you, you do retro decor so well.

  2. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Absolutely lovely!

    1. Thank you Sarah, India comes home today, I hope she likes it in real life.

  3. Totally love it! So glad that India approves too, hooray for Internet and Pinterest!

    1. Thanks San, yes Internet and Pinterest...however did we cope before them?

  4. Good luck to India at uni. It will be us this time next year, but I don't think there will be any room swapping going on as R has the smallest room in the house, tucked away in the loft! Lovely redecoration and thank goodness for modern technology, hey?!

  5. What a lovely room, and a perfect task to take your mind off her leaving. Hope it is all going well? Time seems to go by far too fast xx


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