A Woven Doris

4:16 pm

orange doris1

My Weekend Doris dress and sweater pattern is out with the testers, I'm already getting some great feedback, and hope to have the pattern ready for sale by the beginning of March.
One of my testers wanted to know if it was possible to use a woven for the pattern. Stretch fabric is recommended, but curious I had a play and with a little alteration it is possible.

orange doris 2

This Doris is made using some printed poly, a fairly lightweight dress fabric. I cut the front one size up from my usual size to accomodate my full bust, but graded down two sizes smaller at my waist and hips, for a hopefully slightly more streamlined dress. The back was cut in my usual size ,but again graded down at the waist and hips, with seam allowance added at the centre back to insert a zip.

orange doris 4

The resulting dress works pretty well. The sleeves are slightly snug at the cuff, so if I wanted to do this again I would add more to the bottom of the sleeve. Others might find they needed to add more to the width of the sleeve along the whole length.
I wish I had interfaced the neckband, it stands up in a cute way, which I like, but would've been better with some body to hold it in place. The neckband could be left off all together, and replaced either with a facing or bias bound edge.
Maybe I'd add inseam pockets next time too.

Are you sick of these dresses yet? I'm sorry if you are, but there are more to come!

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  1. Hi! I just wanted you to know that when I was searching for free patterns I
    found a link to your Flossie pinafore pattern I was very excited to see
    that it was such a good size range and free. I searched all over for
    the blog so I could link back to the original post and all I found was your
    esty listing. I found the pattern here
    , its

    the 7th pattern down. Anyways I'm not sure if its supposed to be free or not but
    I thought you might want to know!

  2. I'm finding it really interesting seeing your versions Jeanette, especially the woven fabric, it still works! (By the way love this fabric with your hair ). Lovely dress and I guess it's still comfortable. Xx

    1. Yes, it works and is still comfortable. I didn't even really need the zip, it still pops over my head nicely. :)


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