Snap, Crackle and Pop!

5:19 pm

chevron dress 3

Yes, it's another Weekend Doris Dress! This time made with some vintage poly knit I bought a while ago at Stockport Vintage Village. I loved the print, but the fabric really is awful, very 70's synthetic, with very little stretch for a knit. I thought the chevrons might suit the Doris, and I was right. I love this dress and I really didn't think I would.

chevron dress 2

Concerned at the lack of stretch in this fabric I decided to add a back zip. So added seam allowance to the back and inserted an invisible zip. I swapped out the original zip pull for a more 60's style large ring pull. Sorry for the poor photo quality...ever tried to take a photo of the back of your dress on your own? Not easy!

chevron dress zip

And the Snap Crackle and Pop? Well, try wearing a dress made in this poly over tights, and under an original 1960's poly cardigan....there is a lot of crackle, but thankfully so far no snapping or popping, or bursting into flames!

frockery 1

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  1. Your dress looks great - I love the pattern too. A while ago I wouldn't buy a fabric I didn't like even though I loved the pattern/print, but that is a bit restricting, so now I just buy it. I have even found I quite like wearing those 'horrible' fabrics after all!!

  2. You really do look happy in this dress! Just don't stand next to an electric four bar heater!!!

  3. Your dress is perky and cute...looks very nice!

  4. Jeanette, another great version, I can hear the sixties music playing, also suddenly remembering the white or black plastic stretch shiny boots (yes sadly I'm old enough!) which would go fantastically with the dress!


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