Daisies everywhere!

4:28 pm

bra set 3

I love daisies, at this time of year lawns are full of them, and they really make me smile. I couldn't resist using up the last scraps of this gorgeous daisy print from Funkifabrics to whip up some more undies. This time a bra and girdle/suspender belt. Both experiments, but I must say for first drafts I'm pretty pleased with them.

The suspender/girdle is based on the high waisted knicker pattern I adapted from the girdle pattern I used for my last underwear experiments, with suspenders attached.

bra set 4

The bra is a copy of one of my bras that I know already fits me well. I'm really pleased with the way it has sewn together, I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Sadly the fit is not perfect, but for a first draft I certainly didn't expect much if I'm honest.
The daisy fabric really needed a non stretch lining to stabilise the cups, and the central gore is too wide, both modifications I can easily make next time, and there will most definately be a next time.

bra set5

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  1. Such a cute set. I really want to get started with bra making. I gave a pattern but it's getting the notions together that's putting me off, I want a kit! X

    1. I know what you mean Mags, I've been wanting to take the plunge forever, I'm really glad I finally did. BTW, I posted you something today. :)


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