Me Made May 2015 Round Up

6:32 pm

I look forward to Me Made May, I wear me made almost every day anyway, but Me Made May makes me take a fresh look at my wardrobe as a whole.
I started off the month in recovery from surgery and was in pyjamas most days, and I've missed a few days here and there where I was either having a lazy pyjama day or I just didn't feel like sharing a photo.
One thing I have discovered this month is that since my gallbladder surgery I have lost 3 inches off my waist, which means I can fit into all of my spring/summer dresses from last year. This makes me very happy! (Although my new found post surgery love of food may jeapordise that new waist measurement!)
Taking part in previous years I have tried to identify holes in my wardrobe, but this year I've been less bothered by that. I realise that actually I'm not that bothered about wearing some RTW clothing. There is a certain high street store that sells the perfect stretch t shirt for me, and another that sells the kind of fine knit cardigan I like, and of course despite my new found love of bra making and rediscovered love of lingerie sewing I still am a sucker for good quality lingerie, especially bras. Never underestimate what a good foundation can do for you, and especially for the look of outerwear.
Why would anyone spend time and effort making a dress (or buying one), to put it on over shabby illfitting undies?
And speaking of undies, these are my new favourite me made knickers.

Velvet knickers! Honestly these are the most comfy, most flattering knickers I have ever worn! The pattern is the same one I adapted to make my Daisy Knickers, the stretch velvet is from Funkifabrics and is the best quality stretch velvet I have ever worked with. As my friend Jayne pointed out there may be some issues with the nap under certain pieces of clothing, but since I usually wear dresses with a slip underneath, I should be ok. I'll be making lots more knickers in this design that's for sure. I might even put up my re drafted pattern as a freebie if there is enough interest?

So there we have it, I'm beginning June wanting to make more lingerie, but not stressing too much about buying basic tops and cardigans. I call that a result!

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  1. Lovely knickers! You don't say that to someone you don't know very often. Pleased MMM15 went so well for you, you have some lovely me-mades.

  2. So glad to hear you're getting back to normal after your surgery. I feel the same way about undies, especially bras! I have to say, if I was ever to make my own knickers, I'd totally use that pattern. x

  3. 3 inches, wow ... That's a silver lining. Glad you are recovering. I completely agree about some rtw especially as it often costs more to make your own. Thanks so much for the pattern, what a lovely suprise, hopefully next weekends project! Xx


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