A mouse took a stroll....

4:53 pm

dress 2

There is an acre of woodland in Wigan that is dedicated to our youngest daughter Florence, we always take a walk there on her birthday, and as often as we can throughout the year. While we were there yesterday India took some photos of me in my latest creation, another self drafted summer dress.
The weather was showery, though not cold. India and I found a lovely clearing in the wood to take photos, tiptoeing carefully in peep toe sandals ( I wore wellies for the rest of our walk! ) through the long wet grass I spotted the cutest little field mouse! He was just there at my feet, we both looked at each other with mild surprise, I said "Hello little mouse", and he scurried away before I could take a photo. He really was the sweetest little creature, and it made my day to have seen him.

dress 3

The dress is made from some vintage curtain fabric I found in the local charity shop for £3. I used the same self drafted princess seamed bodice as for this dress .
The skirt has a box pleat centre front and centre back.

dress 4

I was chatting recently with a fellow seamstress about "quick and dirty" sewing, this is a very good example of that! Mostly I'm pretty happy with it, but in my rush to have a new frock for Florence's birthday I made a few too many boo boos with the neckline and managed to stretch it out quite horribly.
A bit of quick thinking and a strategically placed vintage brooch and I think I got away with it!

 dress 6

This bodice pattern still needs a little revising, I'm enjoying working on getting the fit just right, and maybe one of these tries I actually might!
Meanwhile the stretched neckline incident has given me an idea for an alternative asymetric neckline to try...this time on purpose!!

 dress 5

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  1. What a fabulous dress, you look incredibly slim and the fit is great. I like the skirt size, just right. Much love to you. X

    1. Ha ha Mags, I'm just well practiced at getting the angles right for my photos, I'm not as slim as I look!

  2. You look beautiful xx

    1. Thank you that's a lovely thing to say x


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