My Crystal Tips skirt

12:05 pm

Tuesday was the day of my yearly mammogram so Woody had the day off to take me to the hospital. This year's appointment was in the morning, so we went for lunch in Stockport's Old Town afterwards, and did a little bit of vintage shopping at the same time.
Stockport is well known for it's Vintage Village  and over the past few years a few vintage shops have also sprung up around the market place.
I found this piece of vintage fabric in one of the shops for £5, probably a bit more than I'd usually pay in a charity shop, but still reasonable, and so bright and cheery I couldn't really resist!
It is a home dec fabric, the kind I think we had bathroom curtains made from when I was young. Of course it's intended purpose never bothers me, I knew I wanted a simple A line skirt in it. The Delphine skirt by Tilly Walnes is a fab A line pattern, a nice high waist and the kind of exagerated A line I love. I do think that this is my current favourite A line pattern, taken over from my own draft!
I'm calling it my Crystal Tips skirt because the bright colours remind me of a childhood cartoon Crystal Tips and Alistair.

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  1. Love this, the Delphine is a perfect pattern to showcase that awesome print.

    1. Thank you Louise, it was a great find!

  2. Yes Crystal Tips and Alistair made me smile :-). Look at the 70's big hair and not a straightening iron in sight!!

  3. Love your skirt the fabric really suits the shape. X


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