Man Bag

4:16 pm

I rarely make gifts these days, I'm a very selfish seamstress, and lately with teaching most weekends at Ministry of Craft, plus working on various other freelance projects and putting together a collection for college, there is not much time to sew for myself at all.
Despite that though, I made an exception for India's boyfriend, John. He is a stylish young man with very clear ideas about the kind of clothes he likes, (I realise my description of him makes me sound about 110 years old! ) as you can see from his blog.
He showed me a tote bag he liked and lost for ideas of what to buy him for his birthday a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would make him a bag very similar to the one he showed me.

I used denim recycled from some of Woody's old jeans, making use of some of the seams already in place, added an internal pocket with visible top stitching to the outside, a little denim inseam label and a kilt strap to fasten it.
I *think* I got the aesthetic right, of course John is far too polite to tell me if I haven't, but India assures me he likes it and is using it for University.
I don't usually enjoy this kind of sewing, but actually I really did! Very refreshing to work on something I wouldn't usually.

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  1. this is very cute, i always think men are hard to buy for, ive been meaning to make a lunchbag for my hubby for ages but have been struggling to pick fabric, he's a pretty fussy fella! I might pitch the idea of denim to him soon!!!


  2. That's really turned out well. Jeans are so good for bags. Both he and India have lovely blogs. What a lovely little family you have K xXx

  3. Great bag! I've been thinking about recycling jeans for a bag recently, too. It must be in the air!

  4. That's a great idea. I bet it's really strong too. Xx


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