40's Style Dungarees

3:55 pm

I had a hankering for dungarees, much to the amusement of a couple of my friends! I'm 47, I'm curvy (overweight) and I'm short, with short legs! Undeterred by these facts I went ahead and made myself a pair anyway, albeit rather half heartedly. I was convinced I would make them up, hate them and then having satisfied my desire for something I would hate that would be that!

Living up to my name "Lazy Seamstress", I threw these together without even looking at the instructions. (The pattern is WW11 Homefront 1940's Overalls by Wearing History, kindly loaned to me by my lovely friend Nim.)

I popped a zip in the side instead of button fastenings, and I added the pockets last as an afterthought...not terribly neatly!

I love them!! I really do, I might not be slim or young or tall, but these dungarees make me very happy...or they will when I have unpicked the pockets and put them on more neatly (and in the right position!). I'm also going to remove the bias binding used to face the bib edge with a denim facing instead, and taken in the back darts a little....
... will I learn my lesson? Probably not!!!

Photos taken at Lady Mabel's Wood in Wigan where our youngest daughter has an acre of woodland dedicated to her.

                          Florence Violet Wood 22nd July 2009, Too briefly in our arms....

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  1. They look fab! Completely wonderful - and you look pretty wonderful too :-)

    Happy birthday Florence. 7. Xxxxxx

  2. These are fabulous. You look amazing in them.
    Also, your backpack is super cute.

  3. If by '47 and curvy' you mean, elegant and fabulous I agree! I love these, I really think they look great!
    I have made a few jumpsuits over the last year or so, and I'm a convert to the dungaree/jumpsuit ensemble. Comfy and wearable.
    Thanks for sharing, it's so great when you get a real sewing 'win'.
    Happy sewing!

  4. These look so fantastic!!! I think I may actually have to try this pattern too as it is so pretty. Love everything about your outfit (especially the bag). Well done for giving it a go and making them look soooo good!

  5. I love them and you are not overweight!!! The wood looks beautiful just right for Florence's birthday. I always remember you all most especially at this time of year. Sending you a hug beautiful mama xx

  6. Anonymous10:24 am

    These are beautiful and feminine (like you) - I have never seen dungarees look so good. I made some dungarees and my hubby said I look like a painter!

  7. You look FAB, and so do your dungarees! Will be thinking of you on Florence's birthday. xxx

  8. A definite win. Love the shape of the bib and they really do suit you. The wood is such a lovely dedication to Florence. I know what a difficult time it can be and am sending my love. X

  9. These look great on you, you are not overweight. These are flattering and I can't believe I wrote that, but it is true! Love your blog and I want you to sew for yourself and share with your readers ALL the time. The wood...sigh, beautiful tribute.

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