Procrastination or Therapy Sewing

9:16 am

I sew every day, I sew for work, I sew for myself, I sew for college and I sometimes sew for gifts. July is a busy month here, three birthday's, end of school year...this year it's even more hectic with Sid about to leave Primary school, so lots of events and visits and special days and parties and assemblies. Sid has ASD so all of this has to be handled carefully.
Florence's birthday takes a lot out of me emotionally, grief even after 7 years is exhausting, it demands your full attention, and if you don't give it you soon know...
Work is easy, I get my deadlines and my projects and I get on with it happily.
College is finished now, but my coursework needs handing in by the end of August...guess who is very behind with the course work? So, a normal person might spend their time catching up with that rather than starting three million other projects right? Seems I am not a normal person...this past week instead of course work, I have sewn a pair of dungarees, two teacher gifts, pyjama bottoms, a summer kimono robe, and this dress!
I can't actually decide if it is procrastination or therapy sewing, maybe both?

This dress is a very simple skater style. I used my princess seamed bodice block and a circle skirt. the fabric was found by my fab friend and fabric dealer Mary, it's a stretch, so no need for fastenings on this dress.
I used the princess seamed block because I hate the way a t shirt style bodice in a patterned knit fabric distorts over my bust. The princess seams are flattering, fitting nicely over a large bust and into the waist. I am plus sized, but my waist is 10" smaller than my bust, so this style of dress can usually either be too clingy over the bust or too loose on the waist. I think the princess seams work well as an alternative.
In fact this dress felt so nice to wear I'm going to raid my knit fabric stash later to play with the pattern a little more....but of course not until I've done some college work.....

Want to make a simple kimono like the ones above?  click here.

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  1. Anonymous10:37 am

    Wow, you have been a busy Sewing Bee! I can relate to indulging in sewing therapy when I have greater priorities. Although I have decided to go out more this summer and make the most of the weather rather than stay indoors and sew.

  2. That's such lovely fabric and I agree about the princess seams, they work well on a curvy figure. Really nice dress! x

  3. i think a little therapy is always a good thing 😊 This is the perfect example as you have such a cute dress to show for your effort.

  4. I love your dress. It looks great on you! I also love your pyjamas, they are made in gorgeous fabric too.

  5. That dress is absolutely lovely on you Jeanette. I thought about Florence often on the 22nd, am glad you had a sunny day for her birthday. Can't believe Sid is about to leave primary school, I still remember him as the very solemn little model for your slingwearing demonstrations!

  6. Definitely sewing therapy :-). We have ASD in the family hope his transition to secondary school is as smooth as it can be xx


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