Shed Love

2:07 pm

It is at this time of year, when I can fling open the doors to my shed that I probably love it most. In the winter I love it because it is cosy, but the summer gives it a whole different feeling. I think it's about 3 years now since I took over the garden shed and made it mine. I'm so very glad I did too. Our house has 7 people in it and the shed is my quiet little sanctuary.

Sadly though, I am outgrowing it. I have a studio space in a nearby mill which I am very lucky to share, but more and more I am hankering after a larger space in the garden.
I've been looking online and making plans. I have measured up and I think I can get something decently sized which means I could have all of my sewing and art equipment in one place, instead of spread between the house,studio and shed.
So, I'm trying to save might take me a while!
Dream with me a little though.......

Look at this beauty from Waltons Sheds
Or this one....

Woody has his eye on my current shed for his hobbies this rate the children will be left to fend for themselves while we retreat to our respective sheds!!

I've planned the inside too. Lots of storage, and a cutting table, and a wooburner.....
Take a look at my "Studio Envy" board on Pinterest .

Meanwhile, you can see my shed in action in my latest video on You Tube.

I'm off to dream some more. x

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  1. While I have a wonderful space in our basement, I would love a space in the garden. We are building a new garage and if I can figure out how to heat the loft space so I don't freeze to death, I just might be able to get what I want. Regardless of how old we are, I think there's a little girl in us all who needs a place in the garden to play and dream. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way hoping that your new space will come quickly!

    1. Oh yes, it's like having a grown up Wendy House!

  2. I would love a shed in the garden as my den. Love some of the ideas on your pinterest board, and yes, we all need to dream!

    Can I ask what model Janome sewing machine you have. My MC9000 died and I'm debating what to get next. Thanks.

    1. It is an Atelier 5. I absolutely love it. Beautiful machine. Only downside is it doesn't take the regular Janome feet, but it's easy to order the others online.

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