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6:56 pm

A bit of fun, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

So, I went ahead and placed an order with Spoonflower for three yards of the fabric I finished designing yesterday. I'm actually terrified that it's going to be a dreadful design when it's printed,but also hopeful it wont be dreadful.
I started to sort through some of my vintage sewing patterns for inspiration,found this lovely dress and couldn't resist having a play to get an idea of how it might look.
This is fun!

vintage sewing pattern

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  1. Really exciting to have your 'own' fabric though! A few years ago I did a weaving class with my mum. There was another lady who'd woven all the fabric for her daughter's wedding dress... I only made a scarf but it was really enjoyable to be making your own fabric.

  2. I'm very very excited Cybele. ;0)

  3. Jeanette, it's so elegant. I especially love the blue colour. FWIW, I was at college 6 years ago and it was gouache and a set square then too ;-).


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