A little pressie to myself

3:38 pm

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I spotted this platter in the window of my local charity shop the other day, but the price tag was rather high at £5, so I left it to think about it, telling myself if it was still there by today then it was obviously meant to come home with me.
I spose at least the £5 went to a good cause.

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  1. Beautiful. It was money well spent. You deserve a present.

  2. yup.. I do that too :)
    It's lovely.

  3. Always good to splash out every now and again, it serves as a good reminder to the self that you are worthy of beautiful things. Beautiful lady, you are. And a lovely plate! I love your charity shops, especially my fave Otterspool XXX

  4. Lovely. You deserve a treat.

  5. I prefer Otterspool too Sarah, it wouldn't have cost £5 in there!

  6. It is very pretty.

  7. So cheery just right for Summer fruits, it looks to be £5.00 well spent, glad you treated yourself!

    San x

  8. That's some charity shop you frequent Mrs ours are pretty lame. Guess that says a lot about area we live in lol x x

  9. charity shops have become more expensive, I reckon...
    But still a nice plate is worth £5 :)
    I've been walking aroud a type writer priced £5 and finaly gave up and got it yesterday ;)


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