Plapple Jam

4:40 pm

"It's a happy life, but someone is missing. It's a happy life, and someone is missing."

....Elizabeth McCracken, An Exact Replica Of a Figment Of My Imagination.

Most days I guess this is just how it is, today was one of those days. One of those busy days, with too much to do, too much to think about and a deadline to keep, but I still decided to make jam, having never made it before, but reluctant to throw out perfectly good (if a little past it's best) fruit that no one was willing to eat.

I chucked some chopped plums and apples into a pan.

Added rather a lot of sugar.

Left it bubbling away.

And ta da!! Jam!

Angus named it Plapple Jam (Plum and Apple), and the children each made a label.

It was loud, and busy, and chaotic, and fun, ....and she was missing x

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  1. I have never made jam either, but we are growing rhubarb in the garden so I fancy a go at rhubarb and ginger. Yours looks yummy.
    I cant imagine what its like to have that empty little space by your side.

  2. I havent made jam in years. I have a particular memory from high school of a friend and I gathering loads of mint leaves and making mint jelly by the ton, I don't believe anyone ate it.
    I have the same feelings everyday, that it IS a happy life, a generous life, a blessed life in a way, but that he is still missing, and nothing can change it. It's like a little desperate smile underneath a fit of laughter. I get it.

  3. yes. she is missing...little moments like that remind me also....there should be a little 16 month old pulling out all the tupperwear while i pack lunches...there should be little girl here for lucca to practice "doing hair"...there should be a child who is missing.
    much love to you!

  4. I made jam all throughout Cullen's pregnancy. It is coming time to start putting up the batches again... I still have a few from last year. Oh. how I long to go back to those days.

  5. Jeanette, I can't begin to imagine how much you miss her ((((hugs))))

    Your Plapple jam looks delicious and the labels are wonderful. You make it all look so easy - I may even try making some. Hope you are having a good day today.


  6. I haven't managed to read any books yet; I think in my head I am saving them for if/when I am pregnant again. But that is a good quote. It is a but/and life.

    The jam looks yummy. I am too scared of hot sugar to make it.

  7. Beautiful post Jeanette. And your jam looks amazing. I love the bit on one of the labels about you being good at cooking but not as good as dad! I think I know that bittersweet spot you are talking about. I felt it acutely the other day when I was walking to the shops, and I thought, she'd probably be walking with me by now and her hand would fit just *here* in mine. It still made me cry, but I try to think of it now as her presence in our lives rather than her absence.

  8. Hanen, yes I too try to think of those moments as her being there, she so very nearly is. x

  9. Hi jeanette, love to read your posts. Your photos are always so beautiful. Life is so bittersweet now and I'm guessing always will be. It's my 40th on sat and I know it'll be tinged with the sadness that my eldest boy won't be joining us to celebrate......Some days its too hard trying to find a positive - it just is my life now and thats all.
    By the way, braw means pretty or nice. I'm hoping you'll learn many more scottishisms. C x


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