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3:32 pm

Fave part of the garden, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

This is my favourite spot lately. I'm often found chatting to the hens, but then so is everyone else. One thing for sure is, they wont get lonely!


Muriel and Erica fighting over the best spot for sunbathing.

Erica, posing again!

I will get some sewing done soon hopefully!

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  1. LOVE your chook house! We've two chicks just hatched and as soon as they're big enough they are coming to live with us. In a coop that isn't quite as lovely as yours <3

  2. I am really scared of birds and have been since I was a tot, so while the idea of eggs appeals to me and the idea of keeping chickens appeals to Duncan, the 2 don't gel together lol. I am glad you are enjoying yours though.

  3. Awww I would love some chickens... your hen house is delightful too !

  4. We love your hen house! I don't think this word is usually used for coops...but it's adorable! We've thought often of getting chickens, but we're not ready to take the plunge.
    xo Carlyn (TBW)

  5. What lovely looking ladies you have! I keep quail and talk to them too. They make little chirpy noises. The eggs are pretty and creamy, the downside is that you need lots for a decent meal :)

  6. Can I come and see the chooks after 1/2 term please?


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