A Felted Ball (sort of)

7:27 pm

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It's not very round, and it's probably made by breaking every felting rule there is, but it's bright and cheery and Ernest loves it.
This ball started out as a skein of luscious yarn, chunky and smelling divine of lanolin. There wasn't enough to do much with, so it lived in one of my treasure baskets that I use with the little ones.
After lots of play though it had become something of a tangled mess.
I decided to try and rescue it into something and after lots of squishing and squadging with hot soapy water, I shaped it into a ball, rolled it into a sock, tied the sock in a knot and shoved it into the washing machine on a hot wash with a load of laundry.
That gave me something resembling a ball, and I set about needle felting some bright colours onto it.
I had intended it to be a baby gift, but I broke three needles in it, and have only recovered two....yes I am being pretty wreckless with Ernest, but I've squished and squashed the ball so much looking for the wretched needle, that I think I can risk giving it to Ernest for supervised play. (needless to say it will get put somewhere safe while my mindee is here.)
So, anyway, here it is, my not very round ball.

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  1. Gorgeously bright colours. Wool felted balls are such a hit in our house too.

  2. Oh I really like! Must try this :)


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