Fruit Picking

11:03 am

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Ernest loves strawberries, he's eaten all of the ones from our garden that the slugs and the chickens had left, so today we put on our wellies and our waterproofs and headed off to the fruit farm.

We picked raspberries too.

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  1. I can't believe that Ernest is nearly two. He always looks, to me, like such an 'English Rose' of a child - if that doesn't sound odd in relation to a boy! He's much like my two, with his blue eyes and fair hair. It's nice to see another, apparently, bald baby stomping about. R is walking now too! Still no hair!

    Jess also loves berries and has eaten up all my mum's. I think she would love a visit to the pick your own. Have to see if there are any around here with any fruit that hasn't been flooded!

  2. Another baldish baby over here, too! She's pulling to standing and cruising the furniture and looks too much like a giant baby to be walking!
    Ernest is so cute. Angus loves berries of all sorts as well. They'd get along just fine, our precious rainbow boys.


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